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When you own a car you need insurance, not simply to cover the damage of an accident but more importantly to protect yourself and your family from liability claims. Depending upon the car it can be anything from comprehensive collision to basic liability; but whatever the need, you can count on a licensed Customer Care Representative at Tami Karol Insurance to help you make smart decisions about your levels of coverage and deductible.

We’ll explain the pros and cons of lower premiums and higher deductibles and we’ll search out any and all discounts that might be applicable; discounts for an alarm system on the car, a safe driving record, multiple policies, or driver’s education courses. Tami Karol Insurance is affiliated with over a dozen highly-rated insurance carriers so we’re not locked into one company, we can provide you with a carrier that will give you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

And, if you have a youthful driver in the family we’ll help you keep those rates low with our safe driver training for teens. At Tami Karol Insurance, we like to think of ourselves as your family insurance agency, so it’s not enough to simply insure your car; we want to prevent accidents from happening.

For more information and resources for your youthful drivers please click here.

Do You Have Adequate Insurance On Your Vehicle?

Whether you're a current client or not, we're happy to take a look at your coverage and make recommendations. For example, are you covered for uninsured motorists? Drivers without insurance are a big problem in Florida. Inadequate uninsured driver coverage could end up costing you dearly. Find out where you stand with a no-cost evaluation.