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Teen Drivers

For almost a decade, Tami Karol Insurance has been reaching out to help teen drivers understand the responsibility of getting behind the wheel. We present safe driver seminars and we focus on the typical teen mistakes such as texting while driving. For example, we demonstrate how the simple act of texting takes an average of 4.6 seconds, but increases the probability of an accident twenty times over.

We also support teen drivers and their families with a contract that binds both the parent and teen driver to the individual responsibilities involved. The contract to reminds both parties that driving is a responsibility not a right.

When teens start driving the family car, most automobile insurance premiums skyrocket, but at Tami Karol Insurance we’ll maintain our commitment to provide the best policy at the best price and we’ll make certain your teen has the education they need to drive safely.

Share this “CAR” Contract
With Your Youthful Driver

The Tami Karol Insurance "CAR" Contract stands for Communicatiom, Awareness, and Responsibility.